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Westminster Reading Series
curated by artist-in-residence Wendy Brown-Baez

Final Reading on May 3 with feature Sagirah Shahid
followed by open mic 

Debra Darby fina open mic_edited.jpg
Ellie final mic_edited.jpg
Kenny open mic_edited.jpg
chatting final open mic_edited.jpg
after final open mic_edited.jpg
Rick Hilber final mic_edited.jpg

National Poetry Month celebrated at Westminster

April 19 cropped postcard.jpg
Louise Waakaa'igan.jpg
April 19 Marcie Rendon_edited.jpg
April 19 Heid .jpg
Blessed Be the Light, an evening of poetry and music (3).jpg

created and directed by Wendy Brown-Baez for her final project

as 2023-2024 Artist-in-Residence.

with music by Kenny Vigne

DANCER: Eve Schulte

MUSICIANS:  Kenny Vigne and Bex Gaunt

POETS:  Wendy Brown-Báez, Sreekanth Bhaskaran and Sarah Degner Riveros

CANTOR: Robert Graham


Kick Off Open Mic on Jan 21 with featured poet
Michael Kleber-Diggs
IMG_8777 Wendy Brown-Baez_Westminster Mike Hazzard.jpeg
IMG_8797 Michael Kleber-Diggs_Wendy Brown-Baez_Westminster Mike Hazzard.jpeg

Feb 19th 2nd open mic with featured poet David Mendez

Mike Hazzard_edited.jpg
David and Rick.jpg

March 8th: 3rd Open mic reading with feature poet Chavonn Williams Shen

chavonn WIllians Shen.jpg
Charley Mullan.jpg
me hosting third.jpg
IMG_20240308_200000695 (1).jpg
Clarence at third reading.jpg
Julie Martin.jpg

photos courtesy of Orlando Diaz, Monica Del Castillo, Ned Haggard, 

Laurie Benson, and George Colburn


My performances cross the boundaries between cultures, between emotional

and transcendent states, between the spiritual and the sensual, and

between poetry and theater. In the Bay Area Express, Natasha Nargis wrote:

"She works the room with maximum theatricality, drawing those who are

transfixed on the drama before them into her vivid, vibrant world."

My style has been described by Stefen, a Berkeley muralist, as "more like a dance"

as I unfold my heart to show the world a reflection of its own beauty.

My hope is that we realize we are not alone,

and my inner landscape affirms that when I perform.


Cuba and Jerusalem, bursting with life and history and humanity, seemed to erupt into the room. Others, about pain and grief and loss, sunk their hooks into us, touched something deep inside. The energy and empathy of her poems was infectious, and it got us all. --Gabrielle Santiago, Patrick's Cabaret





Healing energy and love at 2016 POP UP readings with some of my favorite local poets, and flutist Chrisma



Venus Rising with Marcia Starck 2004


with Word Dancers in Santa Fe 2009

MPLS: Publication party February 27th 2009 with Nadia Giordana


at Altered Aesthetics Gallery Exhibition

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 2008 

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