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Wendy Brown-Báez


I believe that every story of trauma or loss can be a healing story.

During a time when my partner was severely depressed, writing became a way to express my emotional turmoil. Writing my heart onto the page was a source of deep self-awareness, self-care, and intuitive guidance.


After the devastating loss of my son from suicide, writing helped me to transform overwhelming grief into healing, resiliency, and affirmation. I realized that I could experience profound gratitude and eventually, joy. Teaching writing workshops is a way to pass along what I learned in my journey of healing.

I support you to write your story of  loss, illness, trauma, transition, or self-discovery with courage and compassion in order to access your power to heal. I guide you in a process that can transform the way you view your life. My passion is to facilitate writing workshops for those who may not think of themselves as writers but have a story to tell. I believe that writing fulfills a longing for connection and meaning and my motto is, The shortest bridge between us is a story.

photo by Nazara Matos

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