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To read the complete story Pilgrimage click here 

Heart on the Page: A Portable Writing Workshop:

memoir and inspirational guidebook for writers and writing instructors, Bookbaby 2020


Catch a Dream

Lily Ambrosia travels to Israel on a journey of spiritual self-discovery, Bookbaby 2018


Ceremonies of the Spirit

love poems that travel a spiral from infatuation to consecration, Plain View Press, 2009



transparencies of light,

a mosaic of women's voices sorrowing, loving and rejoicing, Finishing Line Press, 2011


Elegy for Newtown, Red Bird Chapbooks, 2013



Dancing Between Worlds, Word Dancers anthology, Earth Medicine Books, 2005


Longing for Home, poetry CD, 2004




My personal essay "Lifelines" appears in The Power of the Pause: The Wonder of Our Here & Now anthology by Wising Up Press 

Saturday Afternoon flash fiction appears in fall issue of Talking Stick

Birthday Gift on Medicine Lake appears in Gyroscope Review: Crone Power Issue


when the world caught fire and random love were made into broadsides by the Hennepin History Museum and hung in bookstores and libraries



Talking Writing: Prerequisite

Lyricality: Prayer Flags

Witness Writers: Survival, Virtual Prayer Tent, Descending and Ascending

This Was 2020: when the world became quiet

 Anti-Heroin Chic: Cheap Wine


The Ocotillo Press: The First Storm

Chrysalis Literary Journal: Occupied Oaxaca



Poetry Pigeon: For Those Who Hold the Light

Comstock Review: Ash Wednesday

Martin Lake Journal: What Time Did the Blossom Fall?

Water~Stone Review: Recuerdos

Peregrine Journal: Traveling Home

Santa Fe Literary Review: When I Listen to Ottmar Liebert

winner Grand Prize League of Mn Poets: Gitano

Thresholds Cracked Walnut anthology: title poem Thresholds


My non-fiction story Pilgrimage won the 2016 Women's National Book Association contest!



Journals, Magazines, Anthologies:

Adanna Literary Review, americas review, Big Bridge, Blue Collar Review, Borderlands, Common Ground, Comstock Review, Cracked Walnut, Duende, Edgz, flaskandpen, Interfatithings, La Llorona, Lavandería, Lilitamba, Lyricality, Martin Lake Journal, Minnetonka Review, Mississippi Crow, Mizna, Out of Line, Poesía, Poets Against the War, Poets & Writers Magazine, Peregrine Journal, Red Bird Chapbooks, Santa Fe Literary Review, Saint Paul Almanac, Seeding the Snow, Sin Fronteras, Stone Path Review, Survive & Thrive, Talking Writing, The Awakenings Review, The Cartier Review, The Chrysalis Reader, The Compassion Anthology, The Heart of All That Is, The Litchfield Review, THE Magazine, We'Moon datebooks, Wising Up Press, WNBA-Books , The Ocotillo Review, This Was 2020, The Feminine Collective, Tiferet Magazine, Water~Stone Review, WINK, Zoetic Press



Recently Published Prose:

Weathering the Storm, Mom Egg Review


Review of We'Moon ’09 datebook:

At the Crossroads

by Flordemayo, member of the International Council

of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

This is the first time I have seen anything like We’Moon. It makes me feel very happy, very contented. It is an eye-opener for a beginner and confirmation for the elderly. All this information in a tiny little book! This is an incredible calendar of guidance and information. The beauty I received from We'Moon is from the giving of the heart. Every one put in a little bit of themselves: poetry, art, photographs, etc. So it’s about the beauty of the gift. There is such incredible information—on everything: on how we are walking in this beauty.

 I showed the We’Moon to all the Grandmothers when we were in Spain, coming into Barcelona to do our water ceremony with 700 women. I showed it around when we were on the bus. Every Grandmother was able to relate to something. Wow! they were all saying!

 There are so many beautiful things that touched me: the writing about the Path of the Little Sister, the Global Crisis art, the poem “I Cry Too,” Code Pink and Women in Black, the poem “Leap of Faith”, the Labyrinth Meditation, the Medicine Bag with Crow—I could go on and on. The beautiful Owl on the cover! I have thought about how the women who make We’Moon are able to compile so much information, that women know this is happening and send information. Like the cover says, rhythms for women: in this small book is guidance for life, help to not feel alone. The Spirit of the Feminine is there.

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