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Threading the Gold:
poems written as artist-in-residence at Westminster Presbyterian Church 2023-2024

As artist-in-residence at Westminster, I attended both Sunday services, adult education classes, and Wednesday evening services, and wrote poems in response to what I heard or experienced. My residency took place during the escalation of the conflict in the Holy Land, where I had lived, a place I love deeply. And those who are unhoused and those who are mistreated and oppressed anywhere weigh heavily on my heart. Poems centered in the cycle of the church year from Advent to Lent are intermingled with stories imagined from Biblical passages. Reflections on Divine Presence within and without are interwoven with my journey of healing. To sing although my heart is breaking, to witness unflinchingly and still look for the good, is my spiritual path. To pay attention to both sorrow and exultation are ways to thread the gold into the tapestry of my life. Most of all, I believe that we are meant to accompany each other with love.

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