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Writing to Wholeness: workshops to transform lives and communities


Are you interested in facilitating a writing workshop with survivors of interpersonal trauma? 

The Writing to Wholeness toolkit can help. The toolkit offers instruction and ideas for what to write and read in a workshop, as well as insight into the nuance of the facilitator role.
It was developed by experienced creative writing instructors Elena Eggert Anderson

and Wendy Brown-Baez and combines years of research, study, workshop facilitation, and feedback from participants. The result is a guide that is both practical and foundational.

We provide guidance on how to focus workshops on healing expression and community change. In workshops, participants use writing to reflect on experiences that shape their lives, to share with other survivors, and to reimagine pain as a spark for social change.

We offer consultations, trainings, and workshop facilitation. 

Where we’ve been…

  • Men As Peacemakers “Coming Home to Ourselves” Summit, May 2023

  • Saint Louis County Public Health and Human Services, June 2023

  • MN Department of Health Sexual Violence Prevention Program Grantee Gathering, August 2023

  • Violence Free Minnesota Annual Member Meeting, September 2023

  • International Conference on Abuse, October 2023

  • Mending the Sacred Hoop staff retreat, January 2024

  • Witness Writers, Writers in Action Conference, March 2024

  • Turningpoint For Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence, Creative Healing group, April 2024

Where we’re going…

  • Violence Free Minnesota project: Telling the Story of Domestic Violence Advocacy in Minnesota, June-November 2024

  • Witness Writers hosts us to present Writing to Wholeness at UROC Sept 7 / 9:00 am - noon, free and open to the public













If you want to explore the connection between writing and healing with your community,

then this toolkit is for you. 

now available as a free pdf on the website or you can order a print copy


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