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Short Story Subscription 

12 print issues​​  or pdf option (see below)

Short Story 12 print issues

Short Story Subscription

Each month features a short story on the themes of love, beauty, healing, memory, magic, miracles, and hope. 

Choose a year's worth of 12 print stories or 12 pdfs.

The first 7 are ready to go and after, you will receive one a month.

To read excerpts, click on the story title:

Grandmother's Garden: a story about the power of beauty to heal

Healing Stones: story about unexpected encounters and healing

Grace: a story about love and miracles

Mala Suerte: a story of magic and belief

Finding Dawn: a story about kindness and home

No Accident: a story of destiny and love. 

Messages Left on Skin: a story of community and callings. 

April: More Than Enough: When Sophia loses her foot during a snowboarding accident, she has to find a way to know that she is still loveable. 

Short Story Subscription pdfs

Year's Subscription 12 Pdfs