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Heal the Heart with Writing free online course 6 lessons for Pathways community starts July 2

Writing is a way to listen to our deepest self, ignite our creative expression, and care for ourselves with compassion. This is a self-guided course at your own pace using writing prompts, writing exercises, and ideas for reflection. Each lesson begins with a mindfulness practice to bring attention to the present. We'll share through the comments in a positive, uplifting, and nurturing environment.

There are 6 lessons in this series. This course is self-guided or asynchronous, that is, you read the lesson and choose how long to spend on each activity or which parts you want to complete. Each lesson opens a week apart and even if you mark a lesson as "complete", you can go back to previous lessons. You can go back and forth between lessons once the next one opens. Sometimes when you revisit a prompt, new images, feelings, memories will arise.

 I recommend that you use a pen and paper to record your free writing, to connect to the intuitive right side of the brain.

You are able to read each other’s comments and respond according to our group guidelines. We honor that we each are on a unique journey and that this space is created for all of us to be supported, encouraged, and validated. We use writing to grow, heal, and transform.

  • As the instructor of this course, I will be reading all of your posts and commenting on them, and you can respond to my comments. I led Writing for Healing at Pathways for 8 years and I hope to see familiar faces and welcome new participants.  I look forward to connecting with you! 

Here are a few quick tips about how to navigate this course:

• First, if you wish, upload a profile photo and add a short bio through your Profile. It makes it more fun to interact with everyone when we can see your face and know a little something about you. However, feel free to use a pen name or just your first name if you wish.

• Each week you'll get access to a new lesson (shown by clicking the Lessons menu at the top of the course page). Each lesson contains a series of activities to complete. When you have completed an activity, click the "mark as complete" button on the page. This is how I will be able to monitor your progress in the course. However, you can always return to previous lessons or skip ahead if that lesson has opened.

• Be sure to add [email protected] to your email contacts so that the lesson notifications will be delivered to your inbox. (Check your spam folder if you don't see the notifications in your inbox.)

• Please bookmark in your browser. Although you'll receive course emails with a link to bring you back to the course, you can also simply use that bookmark to access this course.

• You can review and change the email notifications you receive for your course by clicking the Settings menu at the top right side of the course page.

Need help navigating the course, or having trouble receiving email notifications? Just click the Support link at the top of the page and browse through the categories and articles. If you can't find the answer there, email Ruzuku Support directly at [email protected] 

Once you enter the course by clicking on the enter button, you will have access to my email 

if you have any additional questions.