Wendy Brown-Baez - Writing Workshops
Wendy Brown-Baez - words to light our way

Writing Workshops:
express your authentic voice and access your intuition.


Cultivating Resiliency 
is an interactive workshop 
with personal story,
tips on how to be more resilient
 and practice in intuitive writing for inner guidance.            

How can we rise above life's challenges? Join us for this presentation about ways to raise our vibrations and nourish our souls. Wendy shares her personal healing story. We'll practice intuitive writing and learn how writing can unlock our inner guidance. Contact me to bring it to your organization's staff development meeting or support group:  Wendy Brown-Baez


Places where I teach (or taught):

Pathways: A Healing Center

UMN Hospital: Fairview

MN Prison Writing Workshop

Healing Elements

Face to Face Academy

Walker Branch Hennepin County Library

Community Grounds Café, Columbia Heights

artist in residence via Patricks' Cabaret at The Aliveness Project

Writing is a way to listen to the deepest self and inner voice of wisdom. What tools enable us to access the deep voice of guidance? What stories do we feel compelled to share? How is writing to heal different from journaling? 

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