Free Introductory Writing for Healing online class

a self-guided lesson with 5 writing exercises and prompts to access your inner guidance and practice self-compassion

This class is only open until July 10!


Heal the Heart by Writing

Access your inner guidance, ignite creativity, and practice self-compassion with this self-guided course that uses writing exercises, writing prompts, and questions for reflection.  $50 / 6 lessons

"It has been so important to have a place to heal as I write, and to mutually share writing and healing journeys with others in a supportive community. Once I have expressed myself through writing, I can better understand and rise above myself. Thanks for this opportunity." --Debra Darby

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Sept 20: 1:30 - 4:00 pm via Zoom

Cultivating Resiliency Thru Writing

intensive hosted by Unity Minneapolis

We are in the midst of profound personal transformation, as well as paradigm shifts in the world. How can we rise above life's challenges when we feel over-whelmed? I will share what I learned from my own journey of healing. We will discuss ways to nourish our souls and raise our vibration. We’ll practice intuitive writing to access our inner guidance and creative insight to deepen our courage, 

relieve stress, and heal. 

Suggested Love Offering $20

Attendees will be able to sign up for a follow up 6 week writing group in order to deepen writing practice, practice self-compassion and ignite our creativity, offered through Zoom

$10 suggested donation per session 


How can we take care of our souls? How can a spiritual practice inform our work? What questions should we ask ourselves as we move from inspiration to doing? How often are we pausing to meditate, do a mindful practice, or offer praise and gratitude? Can we infuse our creative discipline with a practice that will open us up to deeper connection with Source? Or is creativity itself that spiritual practice? 

-- Excerpt from Spiritual Practice to Deepen Creativity, my latest book in progress


If you would like to host me at your staff meeting, writer's group or support group:


Cultivating Resiliency

is an interactive workshop

with personal story, tips on how to be more resilient,

and practice in intuitive writing to access inner guidance.   

How can we rise above life's challenges? This presentation will offer ways to raise our vibrations and nourish our souls. Wendy shares her personal healing story. We'll practice intuitive writing and learn how writing can unlock our own inner guidance in order to find self-awareness, insight and hope.

Contact me: Wendy Brown-Baez


Places where I teach or taught:


Pathways: A Healing Center


NE Wellness


UMN Hospital: Fairview


MN Prison Writing Workshop


Healing Elements


Face to Face Academy


Walker Branch Hennepin County Library


Unity Minneapolis


artist in residence via Patrick's Cabaret at The Aliveness Project


Writing is a way to listen to the deepest self and inner voice of wisdom. What tools enable us to access the deep voice of guidance? What stories do we feel compelled to share? How is writing to heal different from journaling?