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Wendy Brown-Baez - words to light our way
      photos courtesy of Orlando Diaz, Monica Del Castillo, Ned Haggard, Laurie Benson, and George Colburn
My performances cross the boundaries between cultures, between emotional
and transcendent states, between the spiritual and the sensual, and
between poetry and theater. In the Bay Area Express, Natasha Nargis wrote:
"She works the room with maximum theatricality, drawing those who are
transfixed on the drama before them into her vivid, vibrant world." 
My style has been described by Stefen, a Berkeley muralist, as "more like a dance" 
as I unfold my heart to show the world a reflection of its own beauty.
My hope is that we realize we are not alone, though solitary....and my inner landscape affirms 
that when I perform.
 Cuba and Jerusalem, bursting with life and history and humanity, seemed to erupt into the room. Others, about pain and grief and loss, sunk their hooks into us, touched something deep inside. The energy and empathy of her poems was infectious, and it got us all. --Gabrielle Santiago, Patrick's Cabaret

Stop by my table at the
Oct 12: 10:00 am- 5:00 pm
free admission
State Fair Grounds

readings, panels, and books for sale

 Select a poetry prompt and enjoy a moment of calm at our Zen sand trays!

Pick up a sample of my forthcoming book Heart on the Page: A Portable Writing Workshop

Also I will be signing books:
Catch a Dream (novel)
Ceremonies of the Spirit (poetry)
transparencies of light (poetry)

and Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life 
by Sandy Thibault (writing resource)

and more 


You are invited:
Every last Sunday of the Month
Bird's Nest Poetry Series 
and Open mic

Queen Eggroll Cafe
 1579 Hamline Ave, 
Falcon Heights, MN

Every month a different featured reader followed by open mic
Open mic slots are 5 minutes long 
and sign up begins at 5:30 pm

  Presenting Cultivating Resiliency at
  The Celebration of Santa Fe
  A Spiritual Community Honoring All Paths
 To hear my podcast: thecelebration

Patrick Hansel, Francie Tolf & Chrisma at Eat My Words Bookstore

Healing energy and love at 2016 POP UP readings with some of my favorite local poets and flutist Chrisma
Ros Holmes and Sagirah Shaheed at Boneshaker Books

Julia Klatt Singer, Dara Syrkin, Cary Waterman at Walker LIbrary

Jen Walls, Rebecca Ramsden, Didi Koka at The Coffeeshop NE
Holy Cow! Press published an anthology on the theme of Home and  I am honored that my personal essay Seeking Sanctuary is included: 

The Heart of All That Is: Reflections on Home

This beautiful collection  includes poetry and prose from local writers that I know personally such as Margaret Hasse, Cary Waterman, Ethna McKiernan, Jill Breckenridge,  Mary Kay Rummel, and writers I have yet to meet: Karen Herseth Wee, Miriam Weinstein, James Cihlar, Alice Owen Duggan, Molly Sutton Kiefer, Linda Kantner, Julie Landsman, Amy Nash, and Ellen Shriner, and writers that I admire such as Marge Piercy and Naomi Shihab Nye. 

Available at www.holycowpress.org and through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, this collection makes an excellent Christmas present. The work ranges from nostalgia to escape, from roots to homelessness, from where we feel a sense of belonging to where we can spread our wings and fly.  


         Venus Rising with Marcia Starck 2004


Word Dancers Southwest Literary Center

MPLS: Publication party February 27th 2009 with Nadia Giordana


at Altered Aesthetics Gallery Exhibition
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
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