Wendy Brown-Baez - words to light our way
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Wendy Brown-Baez, 100000 Poets for Change Potluck
I want something gorgeous to happen in America
and when did it begin
this sweet necessity
to know you are listening to my
salt-spray heart, rhyming tide
of ocean foam, the moon
calypsoing over my raft as it
sails away to an island of palm
trees and white doves. I sent a
continuous signal of SOS
code of revelation and urgency
not knowing if your dial was
set at my frequency. Like a dolphin
rounding the curve of its young and
nosing to the surface, did I float
free of disappointment and vanity.
Did I think when you turned
away, the soul threaded between us
snapped clear? Could I count on a
dream to pull me back, did the
open sea take me, did a fierce wind
abscond with me, scowling like a
beautiful god determined 
to have his own way.

©Ceremonies of the Spirit Plain View Press
I was afraid of the water, afraid
of its dark secrets, the muck underneath
darting slices of gold, the slippery grass,
the rough rocky bottom 
afraid of the way it reflected back to me
my own face: pensive, doubtful, too young to forgive, too old to be making the same mistakes again and again 
I entered as if in a dream, shivering, wanting the shedding of my sins
to be as graceful as your mouth
curving over the words, as sure as your hands 
in steepled prayer, as humble as your knees soaked in green water, innocent of all desire but this one: to see me sanctified 
and floated, the merest touch of a sister’s wrist to keep me from sinking into the bottom, the mud, the dredge of
my despair, and then my sudden 
buoyancy as that life fell away, purged.The cool water held me to the purity of the vast sky, the gentlest lisp of breeze 
kissed my throat  
© transparencies of light 
Finishing Line press 2011

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