Wendy Brown-Baez - words to light our way
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Writing Workshops:
express your authentic voice and access your intuition.
Cultivating Resiliency 
is an interactive workshop 
with personal story,
tips on accessing your resiliency
 and practice in intuitive writing for inner guidance

Contact me to bring it to your organization or support group  Wendy Brown-Baez

Contact Pathways Minneapolis to bring it to your staff development meeting 
 erica (at) pathwaysminneapolis.org

Places where I teach:
Pathways: A Healing Center

MN Prison Writing Workshop

Face to Face Academy

Walker Branch Hennepin County Library

The Loft Literary Center

Community Grounds Cafe, Columbia Heights
Writing is a way to listen to the deepest self and inner voice of wisdom. What tools enable us to access the deep voice of guidance? What stories do we feel compelled to share? How is writing to heal different from journaling? 

 Cultivating Resiliency Thru Writing

We are in the midst of profound personal awakening and transformation as well as paradigm shifts in our world. Resilience, the ability to cope, can strengthen our courage. How can we rise above life's challenges? 
Join us for this presentation about ways to raise your vibration and nourish your soul when life feels overwhelming. 
Wendy will share her personal healing story. We'll practice spontaneous free writing and learn how writing can access our inner guidance 
and healing wisdom

"I found this class a great support as I journey to make a commitment to write on a regular basis. Your workshop goes beyond teaching for resiliency. Sharing your personal story allowed me to think of everyone's story.  It helped me to claim that I have something meaningful to put out into the world through my writing." -- G. Smith

"Each class I attend with you as the facilitator gives me a new insight, technique or facet to writing and this class was no different. I gained insight into taking journal writing one step further to self-reflective writing. It was a discovery that illuminated the writing process as a tool for healing. You shared your story in a clean, graceful way that was inspiring and up-lifting.  As always, the caliber of your class was excellent, providing an atmosphere of safety and acceptance, encouraging vulnerability and authenticity in sharing." --R.K.

"The writing workshop for me was a wonderful way to find my voice. The exercises were a door into my creative side which I found thrilling and affirming."-- C. Haasken

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