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Elegy for Newtown by Red Bird Chapbooks 

Ceremonies of the Spirit, a collection of love poems that travel a spiral from infatuation to consecration
transparencies of light,a mosiac of women's voices sorrowing  and rejoicing, published by Finishing Line Press
available by contacting me: wbrownbaez ( at) yahoo.com 
Dancing Between Worlds, anthology,Word Dancers, Earth Medicine Books
Longing for Home poetry CD
Journals, Magazines, Anthologies:
Borderlands, Out of Line, Blue Collar Review, Sin Fronteras, The Awakenings Review, Edgz, Common Ground, The Litchfield Review, THE Magazine, americas review, The Chrysalis Reader, Seeding the Snow, Minnetonka Review, Mizna, Mississippi Crow, Poesia, Lavanderia, Lilitamba, Red Bird Chapbooks, Wising Up Press, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 We'Moon datebooks, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Saint Paul Almanac (see below for links)
Minnesota Women's Press
Banderas News
Edge Soul of the Cities

Zen Snow and A Night of Love in Stone Path Review
Heartbeat and Among the Willows in 200NewMexicoPoems      (soon to be an anthology by UMN Press)  
Saké  in Talking Writing
The Heart of All That Is: 
Reflections on Home: 

Blind Obedience: Experiencing the Shadow in a Spiritual Community
My poems
Incantation, Thanksgiving in 3 Voices and This is not a poem
in guest editor Jason Braun's anthology of poems that bridge from stage to page in the online journal : bigbridge.
Please check out this gorgeous anthology, a selection of art and poetry from 30 years of We'Moon, beginning with the history of We'Moon as a women's commune and ending with the sacred days of the year. Excerpt from my poem
Sunday Afternoon is included.
A wonderful gift for womyn of any age.
 You can find it on the We'Moon website: www.wemoon.ws
RainTaxi Book Fair
Oct 10, 2009 MCTC, Minneapolis
1501 Hennepin Ave S

Sunday Afternoon broadside is a collaboration between artist Julius Coffman, Red Bird Chapbooks and myself.
"Sunday Afternoon" first appeared in

reproduced as an illustrated keepsake and work of fine art.
Illustrator and writer Julius Coffman brings the poem to life
with his outstanding and beautiful artwork
This Broadside makes a lovely gift for those who need gentle upliftment or as a framed piece of art.
To order copies at $6 each
click on this link: Red Bird

Channeling La Llorona in Beatlick Press anthology's
La Llorona
recent poems and creative non-fiction:
Escape in Cartier Street Review
waiting for surgery III , Safe, The EKG
in Survive & Thrive anthology

In Praise of Aging in 2014 Saint Paul Almanac 
Through the Streets of Saint Paul on my way to an appointment  and Winter Coming 
in 2013 Saint Paul Almanac
Peace in the City in 2012 Saint Paul Almanac
Building Bridges with Words in  2011 Saint Paul Almanac 
No Cure for a Broken Heart
in Mississippi Crow issue 10
Three poems in response
to the Gulf disaster:
Ashes, At Water's Edge,
Letter to Gaia:
Leap of Faith,  We Moon
Beyond Grief  in The Chrysalis Reader
Vivimos en Mexico in Poesia
Sitting Out the Rain, After the Storm in Minnetonka Review
Your Re-writes, Winter Coming  in Mississippi Crow
Messages in Common Ground Review
Pre-school Teacher in Blue Collar Review Partisan Press
      The Day in Baghdad in Mizna
waiting for surgery in CRAM 4
A la Pileta in Oct. Lavanderia: A Mixed Load of Women, Wash, and Word
Winner of the San Diego Book Award for an anthology
 Choices in Lalitamba
Dark Blessing in Awakenings Review Oct 2009
Earth Woman in We'Moon 2012 datebook 
Sunday Afternoon in 2010 We'Moon datebook and calendar 2010
and anthology
In the Spirit of We'Moon celebrating 30 Years
My Green Card Marriage in the anthology
Double Lives, Reinvention & Those We Left Behind
Migration performed as part of
Bloomington Art Center's fall Fusion: Waters: Sept 11, 12, 13
     September 2008 interview in Edge Life Magazine:        Poetry as a Spiritual Practice
Review of WeMoon ’09 datebook: At the Crossroads
by Flordemayo,
member of the International Council
of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
This is the first time I have seen anything like We’Moon. It makes me feel very happy, very contented. It is an eye-opener for a beginner and confirmation for the elderly. All this information in a tiny little book! This is an incredible calendar of guidance and information. The beauty I received from We'Moon is from the giving of the heart. Every one put in a little bit of themselves: poetry, art, photographs, etc. So it’s about the beauty of the gift. There is such incredible information—on everything: on how we are walking in this beauty.
I showed the We’Moon to all the Grandmothers when we were in Spain, coming into Barcelona to do our water ceremony with 700 women. I showed it around when we were on the bus. Every Grandmother was able to relate to something. Wow! they were all saying!
There are so many beautiful things that touched me: the writing about the Path of the Little Sister, the Global Crisis art, the poem “I Cry Too,” Code Pink and Women in Black, the poem “Leap of Faith”, the Labyrinth Meditation, the Medicine Bag with Crow—I could go on and on. The beautiful Owl on the cover! I have thought about how the women who make We’Moon are able to compile so much information, that women know this is happening and send information. Like the cover says, rhythms for women: in this small book is guidance for life, help to not feel alone. The Spirit of the Feminine is there.
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