Wendy Brown-Baez - words to light our way
            photos curtesy of Orlando Diaz, Monica Del Castillo and Ned Haggard
My performances cross the boundaries between cultures, between emotional
and transcendent states, between the spiritual and the sensual, and
between poetry and theater. In the Bay Area Express, Natasha Nargis wrote:
"She works the room with maximum theatricality, drawing those who are
transfixed on the drama before them into her vivid, vibrant world." 
My style has been described by Stefen, a Berkeley muralist, as "more like a dance" 
as I unfold my heart to show the world a reflection of its own beauty.
My hope is that we realize we are not alone, though solitary....and my inner landscape affirms 
that when I perform.
 Cuba and Jerusalem, bursting with life and history and humanity, seemed to erupt into the room. Others, about pain and grief and loss, sunk their hooks into us, touched something deep inside. The energy and empathy of her poems was infectious, and it got us all.
                            --Gabrielle Santiago, Patrick's Cabaret
 Friday May 29 
7:00 pm / poet reception 6:00 pm
773 Guilford Street
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

Lighting a Fire with Our Tongues
performance poets Wendy Brown-Báez and T. Namaya

Wendy Brown-Báez and T. Namaya met ten years ago at a performance in Northampton, MA. Since then, they have maintained a correspondence about the joy of words and the possibilities of poetry to open and awaken hearts. This is the first time they come together to create a poetic celebration on the themes of love, peace and the beauty of human resiliency.

T. Namaya is an international performance artist, jazz poet, story-teller, and humorist living in Brattleboro, VT.  He has performed around the world in theaters and clubs in Europe, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Palestine and Syria, and through-out the US.  He has performed with his band “Jazz Beat Poetry Ensemble,” and as a solo artist with his show “GOD SEX POLITICS” and “Imagine this,” a show completely improvised with the audience in NYC, described as, “The high wire performance artist of the spoken word.”
His play Beatnik Cafe: A Musical Revue of the Jazz Beat Generation played to a sold out audience in NYC and Boston.  His play Four Prophets is the story of Jesus, Mohamed, Moses, and Satan in a public restroom. He has written three books of poetry Eros to Godhead, GOD SEX POLITICS, Vermont My Home, and a memoir Journal of the Plague: Living and working with AIDS (based on working with end-stage AIDS patients in a VA hospital in NYC.)
Namaya is a visual artist, designer, and photographer who is creating large scale installation/ performance projects “B 4 Peace” which includes “Pornography of War,” “Peace Garden Designs,” “100 Flowers of Peace” (translation of 100 Flowers poem into 100 languages), and building a 12 foot by 21 foot “Wall of Apartheid” in Boston and at the Clear Water Festival in 2011.  Namaya created a series of art and performance projects based on the theme of Peace and Social Justice and travels extensively as an ambassador of peace and harmony.
for more info consult: www.vermontpoet.com


2015 Cracked Walnut Literary Festival
Eat My Words Bookstore
1228 2nd St NE MPLS

I am hosting three readings as part of the 30 readings that will happen all over the Twin Cities from May 8--June 21 
in a variety of venues, featuring established and emerging writers of both poetry and prose. 
All Sunday readings are at 3:00 pm. Writers will have books for sale.
Come celebrate the power of words with us!

Sunday May 10: Mothers and / or Daughters
Alyssa Whiting, Diane Pecoraro, Dore Kiesselbach, Julia Klatt Singer, Kate St Vincent Vogl and Wendy Brown-Baez
Sunday May 24: War & Peace
Lee Henschel, Rich Broderick, Sarah Hayes, Wendy Brown-Baez, Nena Hohansen and Zoë Bird
Sunday June 21: Fathers and / or Sons
Brenda Bell Brown, Clarence White, Heidi Marshall, IBé, Jennifer Bowen Hicks and LouAnn Shepard Muhm
The recipient of a Minnesota State Arts Board literary fellowship and a Minnesota Book Award, Rich Broderick is the author of two poetry collections Woman Lake and Rain Dance, two e-chapbooks of poems, Eyes that See Do Not Grow Old and Turn a Deaf Eye, and a collection of short stories entitled Night Sale. Jesus of Walmart, a new collection of his poetry, is forthcoming from New York Quarterly Press. He was initially inspired to write poetry after encountering the work of Arthur Rimbaud, but other influences include Rainier Maria Rilke, Cesar Vallejo, Seamus Heaney, Anna Akhmatova and C.D. Wright.

Brenda Bell Brown is a writer, performance and visual artist.  She possesses degrees from Brown and Hampton Universities in Theatre Arts and Museum Studies.  Currently enrolled in the Hamline University MFA in Creative Writing program, she plans to culminate her studies with a PhD in communication and theatre.

Wendy Brown-Báez is a writer, teacher, performance poet and installation artist. Wendy’s prose and poetry have appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies, and she has published two poetry books: Ceremonies of the Spirit and transparencies of light. Wendy received McKnight and Minnesota State Arts board grants to bring writing workshops into non-profit organizations. She is a member of the Mn Prison Writing Workshop. 

Sarah Hayes is an accomplished poet, photographer, collage artist, nature lover and avid adventurer.  When not writing, editing for Red Bird Chapbooks, or crunching numbers at her day job, she explores the world around her – climbing rock formations, looking through lenses, or wandering through forests.

Lee Henschel Jr. was born in 1947. His published work includes Short Stories of Vietnam, and the novels, Deja Nam, and The Sailing Master. He has been anthologized in Denmark and China, and in a wide range of magazines and periodicals in the United States. His lyrical poem, the’nam, appeared in April of this year in Black April, a retrospective of American involvement in the Vietnam War. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Sailing Master and the 'nam are published  by: www.shipwrecktbooks.com in Lanesboro, MN

IBé was born in Kankan, Guinea; grew up between Koindu (Sierra Leone), Evanston (Illinois) and St. Cloud (Minnesota). Naturally, he lives in “The Middle of the Atlantic”…with a mailing address in Minneapolis, MN. IBé is the recipient of a 2010 Midwestern Voices Award, a 2009 Urban Griots' Cultural Award, a 2005 Jerome/SASE Verve Grant, and a 2004 Minnesota Academy Award nominee for Best Spoken Word. Hear him atwww.atlanticrock.com

Dore Kiesselbach is a 2015 State of Minnesota Artist Initiative Grant holder, a former National Endowment for the Humanities Younger Scholar and a former U.S. Department of Education Jacob K. Javits fellow. His first collection, Salt Pier (Pittsburgh, 2012), won the Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize and features work selected for Britain’s Bridport Prize and the Poetry Society of America’s Robert H. Winner Memorial Award. He has published in Agni, Field, Plume, Poetry, Stand and other leading magazines. A graduate of Oberlin College, the University of Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop and the New York University School of Law, he lives in Minneapolis.
Heidi Marshall holds her MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Hamline University and her Doctor of Education from Walden University. She works as graduate writing and composition instructor and directs the Learning Center at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Marshall has published both creative and academic work, including The Essential Guide to Critical Reading and Writing. Her most recent project is an autoethnography of the Fit Mom culture.

Writing since childhood, Diane Pecoraro continues to love and struggle with words on paper. She is currently the Community Poet of St. Louis Park, a position that involves writing and community-building around the theme   ”Voices and Verses" . As an educator, she values encouraging the talents of others. In serious mode, Diane writes about the quirky iridescent fragments of human interaction, immigrant issues, landscape and art. She is also seriously committed to fun and humor so she  composes and performs playful rhymes and songs just to delight

LouAnn Shepard Muhm is a poet and teacher from northern Minnesota. Her poems have appeared in North Coast Review, Alba, Red River Review, Eclectica, Pirene’s Fountain, and CALYX, among other journals and anthologies, and she was a finalist for the Creekwalker Poetry Prize and the Late Blooms Postcard Series Muhm is a recipient of Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant in Poetry in 2006 and 2012, and has been featured twice in the “What Light” poetry sponsored by the McKnight Foundation and the Walker Art Museum. Her full-length poetry collection Breaking the Glass (Loonfeather Press, 2008) was a finalist for the Midwest Book Award in Poetry. She is currently an MFA student at Sierra Nevada College.Website: http://louannmuhm.com/

Julia Klatt Singer writes short stories and poems, and is the poet in residence at Grace Neighborhood Nursery School.  Her stories and poems have appeared in over four dozen journals and magazines.  She is co-author of Twelve Branches: Stories from St. Paul, Coffee House Press, and author of three books of poetry; In the Dreamed of Places, Naissance Press, A Tangle Path to Heaven, and Untranslatable, North Star Press. She has co-written ten songs with composer Tim Takach, four of which were commissioned by the American Composers Forum.  And She has co-written 8 songs with composer Jocelyn Hagen.  

Kate St. Vincent Vogl reveals what happened when her birthmother found her through her adoptive mom’s obituary in Lost & Found: A Memoir of Mothers. Her story has appeared in ABC national news and continues to make headlines in major papers, on TV and on the radio. Over the years, Vogl has led many popular seminars. She teaches creative writing to students from eight to eighty at the Loft Literary Center. She has also taught at the Hudson Valley Writers’ Center. She has spoken at national and international conferences and to book clubs across the country.Kate St. Vincent Vogl has garnered honors in international competitions for her fiction and nonfiction. Her most recent work appears in Bellingham Review.

Clarence White is a former bookseller living in the Merriam Park neighborhood of Saint Paul. He has worked and taught in artist residencies in Saint Paul and suburban schools and was a 2011–2012 Givens Foundation for African American Literature Retreat Fellow. He is the calendar editor for the Saint Paul Almanac, and the writer of This Week in Saint Paul, the Almanac’s weekly arts events blog. He is also the author of The Clarence White Blog.

Alyssa Whiting was born a writer. She qualified this eventually with an English degree from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, earning acknowledgment via various publications, public readings, and gallery postings over the years. She is part of a local collaborative critique group - The Poetry Constellation. Alyssa cultivates creativity in others and is particularly interested in serving “stuck” artists. Her recent 13-week facilitation of The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron with several individuals led to greater personal creative expression for all. She has been described by others as an “old soul”, “a gypsy”, and a “true friend in time of need”. Find her on LinkedIn or out and about.
Saint Paul Almanac Literary Festival     
Friday, October 17 2014 at 7:00 pm
Coffee Bené 53 Cleveland Ave S, Saint Paul, 55105

The Saint Paul Almanac Literary Festival features writers published in the 2015 Saint Paul Almanac reading their stories and poems in venues around the city. Events are free and open to the public. Be among the first to get you copy and hear the stories from the writers. Almanac readings are hosted by Cracked Walnut

Featured Authors:
Wendy Brown-Baez 
Kinzy Janssen
Kathryn Kysar
Patrick Werle
Maryam Marne Zafar
Holy Cow! Press published an anthology on the theme of Home and  I am honored that my personal essay Seeking Sanctuary is included: 

The Heart of All That Is: Reflections on Home

This beautiful collection  includes poetry and prose from local writers that I know personally such as Margaret Hasse, Cary Waterman, Ethna McKiernan, Jill Breckenridge,  Mary Kay Rummel, and writers I have yet to meet: Karen Herseth Wee, Miriam Weinstein, James Cihlar, Alice Owen Duggan, Molly Sutton Kiefer, Linda Kantner, Julie Landsman, Amy Nash, and Ellen Shriner, and writers that I admire such as Marge Piercy and Naomi Shihab Nye. 

Available at www.holycowpress.org and through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, this collection makes an excellent Christmas present. The work ranges from nostalgia to escape, from roots to homelessness, from where we feel a sense of belonging to where we can spread our wings and fly.  

excerpt on my blog: wendysmuse


The Lord Have Mercy Show

                               A Mother’s Love. A Mother’s Grief.
The healing power of words.
                   poems by Wendy Brown-Báez
with soloist Rachealann Haasken 
and dancer Linda Lundquist
Friday July 20 & Saturday July 21 2012 @ 7:30 pm
Patricks’ Cabaret Open Call
3010 Minnehaha(Lake & Minnehaha) 55406 

Art of Recovery exhibition Minnesotans who have been victims or survivors of crime have expressed their experiences through the arts. The exhibition displays art and writings by those who have used the arts to respond, explore, express or heal. To read: Artist Statement, Rage and The Dark Edge go to the Minnesota State Arts Board website and look under my name in the gallery

Saint Paul Almanac: Lowertown Poetry Jam presents the after school writers of Face to Face Academy in Yours Truly directed by Wendy Brown-Báez
Face to Face Academy is a charter school that enables students who have fallen behind in traditional settings to work toward graduation. Our after school writing group wrote about home and dangerous neighborhoods, happy and broken families, the joys and struggles of parenting, how to make the world a better place, sorrows and disappointments, our dreams and our blessings. Yours Truly presents our personal stories and collaborative poems, a reflection of what it means to be young, vibrant, determined, curious, and wise.


         2004 Venus Rising with Marcia Starck 
Word Dancers Southwest Literary Center

MPLS: Publication party February 27th 2009
with Nadia Giordana,


at Altered Esthetics Gallery Exhibition
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
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